d.light V240S-p

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Our 24" AC/DC TV is a great addition to any home, allowing you to enjoy quality entertainment and keep your family bonding.
  • HD Display: 24"
    Stay informed and entertained with a compact high quality display
  • Dual Power: AC/DC
    Runs on electricity (AC) or with Solar home systems (DC)
  • Affordable: PayGO
    Pay in easy daily installments
  • Eco Friendly.
    Low power consumption.

HD Display: 24''

Stay informed and entertained with a compact, high quality display.

Dual power: AC/DC

Runs on electricity (AC) or with solar home systems (DC)
In the Box

V240S-p In the Box

The d.light V240S-p includes:

V240S-p Specs

The d.light V240S-p is:
  • Enjoy crisp and vibrant images with our HD-ready LED screen technology for superior visual quality
  • Experience crystal-clear sound with our TV's powerful 10W audio output.
  • Enjoy versatile channel options with our TV, supporting DVB-T2CS2.
  • Our TV is equipped with HDMI ports for seamless connectivity to other devices
  • Our TV comes with a convenient USB port, allowing you to easily connect and enjoy your multimedia content.
  • Our TV is versatile, supporting both AC and DC power options for your convenience.
  • Pay-as-you-go option is available
  • Plug-and-play : easy to set up

V240S-p Uses

The d. light 24" AC/DC TV brings together all your favourite things. Keeping your kids entertained while they're on school holidays or when you are busy around the house; Staying informed about local and international news & the latest shows and entertainment trends; Bonding with your family or friends by watching together; and enjoying free-to-air channels with exciting local & international programming.

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