d.light X2000

A solar powerhouse



The d.light X2000 is a solar powerhouse, running multiple appliances like the 32" TV and fan, accessories, mobile phones, and bright lights for hours after just a single day of charge. Each unit comes bundled with a host of innovations – a super-bright tube light, fully customizable lamp brightness, linkable bulbs, ultra-efficient accessories like the radio and torch and aspirational appliances - all powered by an exceptional zero-maintenance long-life battery, that will over-deliver for years without needing replacement or servicing. All this and more can be yours at a fraction of its cost, thanks to our patented PayGo technology!
  • TV
    32” HD display with in-built DVBT-2+S2 tuner with CI slot (purchasable separately)
  • Radio
    Radio with MP3 playback included
  • Brightness
    60x brighter than kerosene
  • Portability
    Rechargeable torch included
  • Charger
    Mobile charging
  • PayGo
    Pay in easy installments

A solar powerhouse

The X2000 is bundled with five lights, and a rechargeable torch and radio. It can power large appliances via 12V ports for hours. In addition, USB ports allow charging multiple smartphones simultaneously. Power in your hands!

Exciting appliances and accessories

The X2000 enables the use of aspirational appliances like the d.light 32" TV, which has an in-built digital tuner and CI slot, allowing access to entertainment at the touch of a button. In addition, it can also power the d.light solar fan, giving your family comfort during hot summers.

PayGo technology

Easy on the pocket, and comes with a world of accessories at a similar price as you are paying for kerosene today.
In the Box

X2000 In the Box

The d.light X2000 includes:

X2000 Specs

The d.light X2000 is:
  • Powers multiple d.light appliances like the 32" TV and fan
  • LCD battery-level indicator
  • One super-bright tube light with wall switch included
  • Four bulbs with wall switches included (upgradable to eight lamps)
  • Bulbs are linkable for extended reach
  • Full dimming: unlimited brightness settings
  • Rechargeable solar FM radio with MP3 playback
  • Rechargeable portable solar torch
  • Three USB ports to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously
  • Maintenance-free: over 5-year product life
  • Pay-as-you-go option available
  • This VeraSol certified product has been tested to IEC TS 62257-9-5 and certified to the quality standards in IEC TS 62257-9-8

X2000 Uses

Power your home or business with a system that grows with your aspirations, powering multiple appliances, accessories, mobiles and bright lights after just a single day of charge. Keep your family entertained and informed about the world with the new d.light 32” solar LED TV, which gives access to scores of free-to-air channels without the need to buy a set-top box. The TV also supports content via USB, HDMI or AV cable in HD. Bundled accessories like the rechargeable solar radio keeps you entertained on the go, while the rechargeable solar torch provides light when you need it at night.

The d.light X2000 is perfect for:
  • Powering larger d.light appliances, starting with new 32" solar LED TV
  • Lighting up your entire home with bright lights
  • Staying up-to-date on important news or relaxing with music with the solar radio
  • Charging multiple mobile phones and other small, USB-powered devices
  • Using the portable torch indoors and outdoors

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